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Association for Living Values Education International

ALIVE Delegates
and the Indonesian Core Team,
20th Anniversary of LVE, Indonesia.

The Association for Living Values Education International ("ALIVE") is a worldwide community of values educators.  As a non-governmental organisation, it takes the form of an international association of independent, locally-run, non-profit organisations committed to promoting values in education.  ALIVE aims to further the objectives of its member organisations (each of which is called an "Associate") and facilitate their activities in the field of values education while enhancing and maintaining the integrity, identity and standing of the educational approach, philosophy and practice known as Living Values Education ("LVE").

The Association for Living Values Education International is an association formed under the Civil Code of Switzerland, registered in Geneva and exempt from Swiss tax. 

It is an independent organisation that is required by its Articles of Association (English PDF / French PDF) not to have any particular or exclusive religious, political or national affiliation or interest.  ALIVE is registered at the Registre du Commerce, Geneva and its registered office is in Geneva, Switzerland.

Created in 2004, ALIVE provides a formal home for the international community of educators who have been working with LVE since it was developed in 1997.  ALIVE is the legal and administrative body that groups together locally accountable national LVE associations, and other bodies promoting LVE, and which seeks to promote and support their LVE work and serve as a resource and information centre for them. 

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The Directors of ALIVE:
  • Shahida Adbul-Samad, Malaysia
  • Chris Drake, China
  • Areti Foufopoulou, Greece
  • Kana Gopal, Singapore
  • Hendrina Khanyile, South Africa
  • Roger (Raj) Miles, Australia
  • Dr. Budhy Munawar, Indonesia
  • Patricia Ndikum, Cameroon
  • Dhruba Prasad Ghimire, Nepal
  • Nguyen Thi Bich Ha, Vietnam
  • Diane Tillman, United States
ALIVE International Advisory Committee:
  • Neil Hawkes, United Kingdom
  • Dadi Janki
  • Rula Kahil, Lebanon
  • Esther Khavous, Israel
  • Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Spain
  • Bart McGettrick, United Kingdom
  • Katherine Murphy, United States
  • Pilar Quera Colomina, Spain
  • Anne Rarich, United States
  • Derek Sankey, Australia
  • Helen Sayers, Oman
  • Peter Williams, United Kingdom
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More about ALIVE:

ALIVE owns the rights to the Living Values Education name, logo and trademark, which it licenses to Associates, and has other intellectual property rights such as with regard to its teacher resource books and other publications and the international LVE website, which it maintains. The development and implementation of Living Values Education has been supported over the years by a number of organizations, including UNESCO, governmental bodies, foundations, community groups and individuals. LVE continues to be part of the global movement for a culture of peace following the United Nations Decade for a Culture of Peace.

As an association of organisations concerned with values education, there are currently ALIVE Associates in over 30 countries and ALIVE has also recognised individuals as Focal Points for LVE in more than 20 additional countries.  ALIVE Associates comprise its General Assembly, and this is ALIVE's supreme power and decision-making body; Focal Points for LVE are normally invited to attend General Assemblies but are not members of ALIVE.  Membership of ALIVE is granted by its General Assembly and is subject to Membership Regulations, while ALIVE itself is governed by its own Internal Regulations and a Code of Conduct.  ALIVE seeks to maintain a geographically-diverse Board of Directors and also to benefit from the insights and expertise of its International Advisory Committee.

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ALIVE Code of Conduct

1) The Association for Living Values Education International commits itself to being a values-based organisation, and to:

a)  observe local law and maintain good governance and management practice, structures and procedures;

b)  propose values, primarily through the example of action and being a role model, but not impose them;

c)  be sensitive at all times to the well-being of its personnel, including volunteers, and non-discriminatory, respectful, consistent and caring in its treatment of them and prospective personnel;

d)  act responsibly and respectfully with regard to the environmental impact of its activities;

e)  maintain high ethical standards with regard to all financial matters and oppose financial impropriety;

f)  exemplify cultural sensitivity and support diversity;

g)  communicate with stakeholders and make appropriate information publicly available;

h)  be willing to cooperate with other similar organisations working in a related area, when appropriate;

i)  be respectful of the values, beliefs and principles of others, recognising that LVE is not a product of any particular religion or belief system and should not be used as a vehicle to promote any one religion or belief system in preference to another, or influence or change another person's beliefs in this regard; and

j)  as an organisation, maintain neutrality with regard to any religious or political affiliation, and avoid any affiliation (including business or donor affiliation) which might compromise its autonomy, independence or neutrality.  While this does not preclude the involvement of or affiliation with any religious, spiritual or political organisation or movement, whether as sponsors or otherwise, neutrality should, if such involvement or affiliation is significant, be clearly demonstrated and visible through inclusive involvement of or affiliation with, at a corresponding level, a variety of appropriate similar organisations or movements.

READ MORE ... Download the ALIVE Code of Conduct in PDF format

Peter Williams Headteacher Kuwait American School
and President of the Association of LVE International (ALIVE)
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