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Living Values Education is a global endeavor dedicated to educating hearts as well as minds. Living Values Education provides an approach, and tools, to help people connect with their own values and live them.

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Many of our Associates and Focal Points in some 40 countries are working in very diverse areas with people of all ages affected by natural disasters, areas with conflict, personal hardship circumstances, incarceration and rehabilitation.

Living Values Education is not bound by culture, religion, ethnic groups or geographical boundaries, it can and is at home no matter where people, particularly children are suffering.  Living Values Education activities support and can be applied to all circumstances.

Some of the materials include, and more are being added as required.

  • Living Values Education Activities for Drug Rehabilitation 
  • Living Values Education Activities for Refugees and Children Affected by War - Ages 3–7, Ages 8–14
  • Living Values Education Activities for Street Children - Ages 3–6,  Ages 7–10, Ages 11–14
  • Living Values Education Activities for At-Risk Youth
  • Living Values Education Activities for Young Offenders
  • Living Values Education Supplement - Helping Young People Process Difficult Events

As our members discover new areas where Living Values Education can play a role, new activities are created to assist in the delivery to those areas. If you have a situation that requires a special focus please contact us. Click here to email

In addition, other Special Interest programmes are provided for Parents and Green Values – relating to our environment.

Please note: These programmes are delivered by specially trained and accredited Living Values Education At Risk Trainers skilled in the particular area of expertise.

How Can I Contact An Living Values Education Trainer?

Refer to the "Contact Us" page to contact the Living Values Education Associate or Living Values Educaion Focal Point of a nearby country or send an email. Click here to email

Living Values Education international success stories spanning 20 years of activity make inspiring reading.