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Issue 60
Welcome to the sixtieth issue of Living Values e-News, the electronic newsletter of the Association for Living Values Education International.
News and Success Stories From Around the World

News and Success Stories
  • Cameroon:
    • Hello Kids, Values Balloons and Ubuntu Trees
  • Egypt:
    • Making Values the Root of Education and Social Transformation
  • Greece :
    • Kindergarten Teachers Embrace LVE on Kefalonia
  • Greece:
    • New Materials and Benefical Projects with Children and Refugees
  • Indonesia:
    • A Strategic Plan to Further a Culture of Peace
  • Venezuela:
    • Children in a Peaceful World Project
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International Calendar of Upcoming Training and Events

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  • Indonesia:
    • LVE for Educators
      February 2018 – Jakarta

    • LVE for Educators
      22 – 24 January 2018 – Malang, East Java

    • Trainers Meeting on Strategic Planning
      26 – 27 January 2018 – Yogjakarta

    • LVE Train-the-Trainer Seminar
      19 – 23 March 2018 – Jakarta

  • Nigeria:
    • Festival of Values and Cultures
      28 Jan 2018 -- Lagos

    • Global Children Conference on Values and Character Development
      21 and 22 of April 2018 -- Lagos

    • Living Values Education Workshop on Values Education for Teachers and Educators
      16 to 18 May 2018 -- Ikot Edibon, Nsit Ubium, Akwa Ibom State

  • Turkey:
    • LVE Educator Training
      25 January 2018 – Istanbul

  • USA:
    • Living Values Effective Parenting Workshops
      Last Thursday of every month – Miami, Florida
News and Success Stories from Around the World
Cameroon: Hello Kids, Values Balloons and Ubuntu Trees

Patricia Ndikum, the President of Caretakers Initiative Cameroon and an ALIVE Director, recently shared photos of some of the activities in Cameroon. One activity is “Hello Kids”, a children’s program organized during the summer holiday. In 2017, they worked with children from St. Theresa’s Orphanage Obili and different areas in Yaoundé. Activities carried out included Living Values Education, arts and craft, gender and violence, and health and the environment. 

The following pictures are from an LVE Workshop at Green Hills Academy Complex. In addition to LVE sessions, they did Ubuntu activities, including making an Ubuntu Tree, and enjoyed values balloons. In the latter activity, participants stood in a circle with a balloon in hand. They were asked to reflect on one or two values they would like to give somebody. They then blew up their balloons and wrote their values on them. To music, they tossed their balloons to the air with the aim to keep them all in the air. When the music stopped, everyone caught the balloon nearest him or her. The facilitator explained that the values balloon was a gift from somebody special to you. 

The teachers also made a family tree of the values of their school. Patricia wrote, “The tree was used as a symbol to represent our lives because of its uniqueness, dignity and beauty. The facilitator used qualities to describe how we as humans are unique. He said we are also very important and need to be respected, because we all possess special qualities which are innate and we all are beautiful, having God’s image. Participants were left with this idea to think of how a tree represents their life. Madame Ngum Janet was asked to draw a tree on a large cardboard paper pasted on a board. We agreed that the educators of Green Hills Academy could create a tree of life for Green Hills.

The function of each part of the tree was taken into consideration. Roots are like an anchor. Which value is the foundation of Green Hills? Which gives it strength for growth and development? The trunk is the support. Which values support Green Hills and gives us the strength to sustain its functioning? The branches spread out in different directions; they represent the important areas of the institution, that is, teacher welfare, pupil performance, administrative work, projects, etc. For the leaves, participants were asked to think of all the things that leaves give – oxygen, food, shelter, shade etc. Participants were asked to think about the values and qualities Green Hills gives to others, the community and nation. These values were then written on the leaves. And flowers? Flowers are unique and attractive, they are the special values of the institution. Fruits represent our achievements and successes; the values which enable the school to do well in its projects.

A tree is nourished with sunlight and rain. What is the sunlight of the school? Teachers wrote the values which represent the sunlight and rain of their school. Are there any insects of negative attitudes, such as gossip or laziness? What value could change the negative into a positive? Their replies: listening, hard work and enthusiasm.

After the group tree was completed, individuals were asked to draw their personal tree of life. When this was done, they split into groups and shared their trees. Students later made trees to appreciate their personal values and explore how various parts of our lives are interconnected and how habits influence our lives, relationships and achievements.”

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Egypt: Making Values the Root of Education and Social Transformation

The Jesuits and Brothers Association in Minia, the ALIVE Associate in Egypt, sent in the below LVE report for the period of January 2016 through August 2017. In addition to sharing their activities, they reflect on some of the factors in the change process since the revolution of 2013.


“Since the Egyptian revolution in 2013, Egyptian society has been trying to reform itself to get out of the state of apathy and create real participation in the change process. This has affected the overall context of relationships and the value system. The program has tried to play an active role in rooting the positive values through institutions working in the field of education and development in an attempt to make a social equation between the desire for democratic and social transformation and lack of values.

The community suffered from two contradictions: intense desire for freedom and extreme fear of freedom, the desire to practice values and to negate all ethical frameworks. Freedom does not come once but should be learned, thus, the Living Values Education Team of the Jesuits and Brothers Association has tried to spread values through a series of workshops adopted by educational and developmental institutions to instill and root human values.

In general, we can say that there was a need and a desire from these institutions to instill the instilling of values in young people in general and consequently adopt these institutions to practice values at the personal and institutional levels.

In Egypt, the program has received many training applications from various developmental and educational institutions. The LVE program team in Egypt has responded to these requests through a series of trainings in partnership with many of these institutions to achieve the value equation in the local communities in which these institutions operate.

The activities of the program:

  1. 1. The program implemented six training days for the LVE volunteer team to activate the team’s ability to implement the program and include new activities.

  2. 2. Hold a meeting twice a month for the team to follow up, monitor and discuss the new activities in the program and coordinate the trainings.

  3. 3. We have recruited two new volunteers as program trainers.

Trainings with the different institutions:

The program has implemented eight trainings for educators from different institutions (two to three days for each training) with 234 trainees.

Participants in the final evaluation of the program expressed the need of the community to spread the values and the impact on the program at the personal level, which they said was an opportunity to express something deep inside them; the trainings succeeded in creating an emotional state which helped trainees absorb the reality of values.

Some of the participants' comments:

‘This training was an opportunity to review our personal values in the context we live in.’

‘The program is good, but it`s hard to live according to it because of the society`s changing values.’

‘We lived a value dream for three days; we wish this dream could continue.’

‘We already have these values deep inside us but we must dig in ourselves to find it.’

‘Values are like plants; they should be nurtured so as to bear fruit and see the fruits of our lives.’

‘Practicing values builds us as humans before it builds the community.’

Education Project in Cairo            

Education project in Nasre Elnoube - AswanEducation Project in Cairo          


Development From Youth to Youth Project


Volunteers From Catholid Church

On the other side, the program organized a festival for children in Aswan for 150 children belonging to ‘Access to drinking water for Elnaseria’ project. This festival was implemented with the participation of the project`s facilitators.”

Egypt Living Values Team

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Greece: Kindergarten Teachers Embrace LVE on Kefalonia

Areti Foufopoulou, one of Greece’s active LVE trainers and leaders, shares: “I am grateful to Eleni Kosmetatou, the kindergarten public school consultant for the Ionian Islands of Greece. She was introduced to me by Anda Katsaitou, who has been working with Values Education for more than five years on the island of Zante and who played a key role in the organization of the LVE Conference in July 2014 in Zante. My contact with Eleni resulted in her interest in promoting values activities on the island of Kefalonia. We agreed on the organization of a workshop for kindergarten teachers on 18th December. All the kindergarten schools in Kefalonia closed for the day so that 52 kindergarten teachers could attend the workshop, a beautiful display of true enthusiasm and interest in promoting values in their environment.

Discussion, questions and the facilitation of activities from the ‘Living Values Activities for Children Ages 3–7’ book took place along with a presentation of LVE philosophy for four and a half hours. The LVAC 3–7 book was sent to them electronically and it was agreed that was those applying the LVE methodology and facilitating LV activities in their class/school, could join us at the Zante Conference in July 2018.”

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Greece: New Materials and Benefical Projects with Children and Refugees

LVE programs are currently running in many schools throughout Greece,” shared Evangelia Manousou, the Secretary, for Somateio Aksies Zois stin Ekpaedefsi, the ALIVE Associate in Greece. “We run workshops with teachers, counsellors, parents and other interested parties, in addition to activities related to Mindfulness as a tool for educators and students.”

Highlights of the last few years include:

  • 2010 saw the release of a book of activities, written in Greek, in response to requests from teachers at our workshops. This is now in its second printing.

  • 2012 through 2014, we did the Grundtvig (EEU) project with six partner countries, CONGENIAL (Connecting Generations) which culminated in the production of an open source ebook of our methodology. In 2014, we participated in the Clean Water Challenge, also with Students Rebuild.

  • In 2015, an offshoot of the Connecting Generations project resulted in a second book, ‘Love Stories’, both in printed and ebook formats. This was the product of a multi-class project, entirely created by students documenting interviews of their grandparents via audio, video and photography. In November 2015, we also did various local projects in support of Syrian refugees, in response to the refugee crisis in Greece. That same year, we took part in Students Rebuild Healing Classrooms pinwheel project. 

  • Our fourth publication, ‘Living Values in Education Activities Book’, in Greek, is in early stages of production. On December 21, 2016, we celebrated our ten-year anniversary. In September 2016, we participated in activities alongside other volunteer groups in support of Wheeling2Help. From March to May, we completed teacher training with 15 participants.”
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Indonesia: A Strategic Plan to Further a Culture of Peace

“As we enter 2018, LVE Indonesia is engaged in an in-depth process of organizational reflection. After eight years of presence in Indonesia, association leaders are looking at the journey. Some questions have come up: How well are we at fulfilling our mandate? How will we grow together as living examples? How can we contribute to emerging a culture of peace in Indonesia in the future? A preliminary Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was initiated by Budhy Munawar Rachman on September 11, 2017 in Jakarta. It engaged nine active LVE trainers. One of the recommendation for LVE Indonesia was to develop an organizational Strategic Plan (SP) for 2018 – 2022.

There is an expectation that LVE future programs and activities will be able to provide the educational approach, philosophy and practice to promote a positive atmosphere at different levels: personal, inter-personal, institutional, and community levels. On October 2017, we invited trainers and partners to take part in providing input and sharing thoughts via a questionnaire, WhatsApp group, emails, etc. The associate wants to find all possible ways to improve its service for its many LVE trainers throughout Indonesia. The next step will be a Trainer Meeting for Strategic Planning on 26-27 January 2018. About 20 active trainers were invited to share ideas, identify challenges and opportunities and define a common purpose. Hopefully, we can find strategic ways to optimize and at the same time to measure the impact of the LVE program in the future.

From the Bali area:

A series of LVE activities for a Local Educators Workshop began in November 2017 at Green School. This workshop will be completed by the end of January 2018. It is being conducted by Kulkul Connection, Green School, and facilitated by I-Made Perdana Skolastika. Seven of a series of nine LVE activities for local educators have been delivered to 60 students of Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Bahasa (Foreign Language College) in Saraswati Denpasar. On Saturdays the students gather in Green School’s open hall for the activities from 10 AM to 1 PM. The aim of the workshop is to provide basic knowledge and skills about how to generate a values-based atmosphere in the classroom for students who are going to be English teachers.

From the Yogyakarta area: National collaboration and ALIVE involvement

A number of LVE trainers from both Indonesia and abroad took part in the Gebyar Ilmiah 2017 (Scientific Feast 2017) in Yogyakarta on December  11–13, 2017. It was a successful international academic event held by Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah dan Keguruan (FITK), Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN), and Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta (Faculty of Islamic Education and Teaching Methods, Sunan Kalijaga Islamic State University). The event was divided into 15 parallel activities such as conferences, seminars, Focus Group Discussions and LVE for Educators workshops. About three hundred people, including students, lecturers and various educational activists, participated in the event.  There were several organizations supporting the event, including The Asia Foundation (TAF), Association for Living Values ​​Education (ALIVE) International, LVE Indonesia/ Karuna Bali Foundation, PUSAM UMM (Center for the Study of Religion and Multiculturalism of Muhammadiyah University) Malang, Organic Yoga, Asosiasi Guru Pendidikan Agama Islam (AGPAI stand for Association of Islamic Education Teachers) and Rumah Kearifan. At the end of the event, the initial step for collaboration was taken by the signing of the Letter of Intent (LOI) between 15 agencies of UIN networking and ALIVE International. Also related to International events, Indonesia become the host for the ALIVE Board Meeting held on 15-16 December 2017 in Yogyakarta.

Chris Drake, President of ALIVE International, inviting paticipants to a refresher exercise called “Mango Tree” before starting his presentation.

Signing the Letter of Intent (LoI) between ALIVE and 15 UINs

LVE for local educators - Green School - Bali - November 2017 - Januari 2018.

Ratna, Wayan, dan Yatno, facilitating LVE Workshop for students of UIN (Islamic State University) Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta

Philipus Yusenda form LVE Indonesia, one of presenter in the seminar entitled “Values-Based Digital Literacy in Millennium Era”.

Upcoming events in Indonesia:

  1. One: Trainers Meeting on Strategic Planning, 26-27 January 2018, Yogjakarta. It is organized by Karuna Bali. It will involve 20 trainers.

  2. Two: LVE for Educators, 22-24 January 2018, in Malang, East Java. It will be attended by around 30 Lectures of Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (Muhammadiyah University – Malang).

  3. Three: LVE for Educator, 16–18 February 2018, Jakarta. It will be conducted by Zakhir Foundation. 15-20 teachers and management staff are expected to attend the workshop.

  4. Four: LVE TTT, 19–23 March 2018, Jakarta. The focus will be on non-active LVE trainers who want to be active again.”

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Venezuela: Children in a Peaceful World Project

“On October 9th through 11th, 28 university students took part in an LVE training to prepare themselves to work with children in different schools in areas of scarce resources around the city of Caracas,” wrote Estela Gavidia Hernandez, the LVE Facilitator who currently coordinates LVE activities in Venezuela. “These young adults will do values activities with children for six weeks as part of the Children in a World of Peace Project. This program is sponsored by Chair Luis Dolan of Interreligious and Intercultural Studies for Peace and the URI Circle of Cooperation for Dialogue at Universidad Central de Venezuela is currently coordinated by Dr. Enoé Texier. A service project is a mandatory requirement to apply for a university degree at the Central University of Venezuela with the faculty of economic and social sciences (FACES). In the October LVE Seminar, three students of the Andres Bello Catholic University also attended as special guests.”

Estela Gavidia Hernandez continued: “We shared the basic components of an Living Values Education workshop, sharing the philosophy and methodology of LVE through the tools of videos, dialogues, mental maps, dramatizations, drawings, reflections and mindfulness exercises. I explained and we practiced techniques of facilitation, public speaking, shared experiences, cleared concerns and generated confidence among the young adult participants. The students made a hierarchy of the group’s three most important values in relationship to carrying out the Children in a World of Peace project. The values they chose ​​were respect, love and trust.


Some of the students’ comments:

‘This seminar has been the most enriching experience. Congratulations for the great work.>’Jiubisay Lodera

‘I loved everything. With this training, I feel I chose the right project. It is a challenge, and I hope to make the most of it.’ Karen Salas

‘In each breathe we carry a world that makes us happy....’ Génesis

‘An experience worth living. A moment to find ourselves.’ Javier

‘Excellent course, very motivating, opens the mind a lot and helps me understand many aspects of life and see these from other perspectives.’ Christian Aure

‘What I enjoyed most were the dynamics that led to group integration and empathy. When there is determination, the human being can become the most beautiful thing that exists in the world.’

Oriana Brito

‘What I enjoyed most was the unexpectedness of the course / training, because I never expected it to be so remarkably dedicated to the personal growth of each participant. I understood the personal effort that is necessary to inspire people.’ Fabia Frangie Doumat

‘I enjoyed getting great knowledge and feeling how with the passing of the hours that I recharged like a cell phone. I met generous, talented, special people….’ Tibisay Yanez

‘And the disciple asked the teacher: ‘Master, what do you expect from life?’ ‘Whatever happens!’

‘Values ​​prepare us to enjoy LIFE.’”

Estela’s personal comment about her experience: “Young Venezuelans are going through challenges that defy their convictions, their confidence and their values. At first, I felt they were incredulous, perhaps thinking that this was another speech full of impractical illusions, but as they experienced the real and useful value of values, they ​​were more lively and interested in learning more. This experience made me more committed as a person, as a professional, and as a citizen of the world, especially of Venezuela.”

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