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Issue Number Fifty-nine
Welcome to the Fifty-ninth issue of Living Values e-News, the electronic newsletter of the Association for Living Values Education International.
News and Success Stories From Around the World

News and Success Stories
  • International:
    • LVE Distance – Materials for adults, families and study groups
  • Brazil:
    • Launching Living Values Activities E-books
  • China:
    • A Six-day LVE Children’s Retreat in Miyun
  • China:
    • An LVE Workshop in Changzhou
  • Greece:
    • Practical and Enjoyable Experiences in Three Amazing Locations
  • Kuwait:
    • Bringing LVE’s Theoretical Model to Life in a Practical Way
  • Netherlands:
    • Living Values Expands Naturally in Several Directions
  • USA:
    • Summertime LVE Workshops and a Children’s “Camp”
International Calendar of Upcoming Training and Events

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  • Cameroon:
    • LVE Awareness Sessions and Educator Trainings
      May through December 2017 – Throughout the country
  • Nigeria:
    • LVE Educator Workshop
      17 – 19 October 2017 – Lagos
  • USA:
    • Values Effective Parenting Workshops
      Last Thursday of every month – Miami, Florida
  • Venezuela:
    • LVE Training
      9 – 11 October 2017, Caracas
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News and Success Stories from Around the World
International: LVE Distance –
Materials for adults, families and study groups

Recognizing that it is completely impractical for most of the world’s population to attend workshops and participate in organized Living Values Education activities due to time, cost and travel requirements, ALIVE and LVE Australia invite all ALIVE Associates and Focal Points for LVE to embrace, encourage and extend LVE Distance to their communities to engage in these new dynamic self-engaged programs. We will encourage and will actively assist however we can, any ALIVE Associate or Focal Point for LVE wanting to translate these materials for local use.

We are excited about this new educational opportunity for people to change their lives. Please join us in helping people explore and discover a new way of being in their values. Open to everyone, this allows all of us to make a difference in our own life and the lives of people around us. Below is a short introduction about what we've been building patiently over several years.

LVE DISTANCE has gone international with programs now offering four facets available to anyone, anywhere in the world:

  • LVE Distance is a stand-alone LVE program which can be engaged by anyone, anywhere.

  • It does not rely on trained facilitators or workshop attendance.

  • It is self-structured with no time conditions.

  • It is free.

  • All materials are available for download on the Distance page on our Living Values website.

  • LVE Australia provides an LVE Distance Helpline:

  • All materials can be translated for local use.
  1. Independent Study Program for families and individuals to do at home — with or without certification depending on degree of interaction with the ALIVE Associate or Focal Point for LVE. A colorful 50-page participation book of activities is drawn from “Living Values Activities for Young Adults” with accompanying audio files and personal Journal.

  2. Creating a Study Group — for the community or workplace environment, wherever groups of people come together. There are “Guidelines for an Effective Group”.

  3. LVE Facilitator Training allowing individuals to have a role in sharing Living Values Education. A 20-page “Facilitator Training Guide” provides techniques and skills required to facilitate workshops using these LVE materials with community groups, schools, families, etc. Certification is provided equal to that of those who attend five 3-day workshops. However, for Certification, attendance at one 5-day LVE combination workshop and a Train the Trainer seminar with LVE Trainers is required after undertaking the Study. There is electronic interaction throughout the 12-week program.

  4. Personal 12-step Living Values Self-Reflection — provides people everywhere an interactive opportunity to explore their relationship with Values and to develop a better understanding of the impact of Values when deeply contemplated in their lives.

LVE Distance Resource Materials offered for Download: LVE Distance Study Course, Audio files, Personal Journal, Study Group Guide, Facilitator Training manual, LVE Self Reflection 12-step “Living in My Values” personal evaluation.

We would like to share with you part of the personal experience of the first person who did LVE Distance, Denise Shaw:

I was not expecting this would make the huge difference in my life that it has. The material forced to look at myself, all of me, my hurdles, pain, grief, fears and blocks. I soon discovered what values were the hardest for me ... anything to do with me!!

I completed the course and wanted to help others gain what I had gained and became a facilitator. This was a very valuable experience for me I found so much inside of me I had not healed and by doing so my fears lessened I grew a new understanding and compassion for myself. Something I previously only had for others.  My fear of being judged was challenged; I won and chains around me were broken. My journey continues every moment.”

Raj (Roger) Miles and Suzanne Stallard

Focal Points for LVE, Australia

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Brazil: Launching Living Values Activities E-books

The LVE Team in Brazil, in cooperation with the Brahma Kumaris, will begin launching the Living Values Activities books in Portuguese as e-books in late October. They will be making these available free of charge.

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China: A Six-day LVE Children’s Retreat in Miyun

A picture is worth a thousand words … as you can see in these beautiful pictures of a six-day LVE Children’s Retreat in China. Taking place in Miyun from July 28th through August 3rd, Jay Chodagam and Elsie Tan served as the LVE Facilitators, with a very capable group of translators and parent helpers.

Making a difference with Elsie

Youth working together

Just fun, running with Jay

Relaxing Focusing Outside

Child sharing his values

LVE youth share picture
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China: An LVE Workshop in Changzhou

On 6 August, an LVE team travelled from Shanghai to Changzhou where Trish Summerfield facilitated a one-day LVE workshop for 30 participants. Ms. Summerfield is one of the Lead Trainers for ALIVE and the former National Coordinator of LVE in Vietnam. Most participants were educators, including five principals from Changzhou City. This event was organized and promoted by a local trust fund set up by a philanthropist who believes in Living Values Education. Everyone took benefit and a future program is being planned at a local school.

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Greece: Practical and Enjoyable Experiences
in Three Amazing Locations

In July 2017, Living Values Education was delighted to be hosted in three unique and amazing locations that beautifully captured the warmth of hospitality and spirit of the Greek people. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. On this occasion, perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that a picture speaks 2000 words!

Unique Location 1 - A Garden in Lehonia

Mr Yannis Anastasiou kindly hosted two evening seminars for local Pilion region educators in his beautiful garden.

Our host Mr Yannis Anastasiou expressing the values of truth and friendship with his wife, co-organiser Mr Yannis Filtris, co-facilitator Ioanna Vasileiadou and the Pilion Poet.

The ‘Baking of the World cake’ from the Peace Unit of the “Living Values Activities for Children Ages 8-14” book. This activity, joyfully experienced by the educators, shows them forming the shape of a circular baking tin with the values ingredients gently cooking on the inside. The moral: All values are important. The clothes line in the foreground – strung between two trees – shows our wishes and hopes for a better world. Both activities are easily transferable to the classroom.

A deep discussion facilitated by special guest Marlies Ludding van Loon, ALIVE Associate member for the Netherlands, illustrating what can be practically achieved through Living Values Education in Holland. The reference to helping refugee children touched many hearts as Greece is currently caring for many refugees.


Three moments from the seminar ending with the value of story time and silent reflection as the full moon rose.

Unique Location 2 – Axion Esti School, Alli Meria, Volos

Axion Esti is a totally unique ‘Arts School’ that is eco-friendly and architecturally superb. Created by the visionary owner, Ms Glikeria, and the equally visionary architect, Mr Dimitris Phillippitzis, the school encapsulates and ‘lives’ and ‘emerges’, amongst others, a welcoming and positive emotional culture in an atmosphere where everyone feels loved, valued, respected, understood and safe.

The seminar for a youthful group of dedicated educators began with a mini practical activity to discover ‘Who’s values are these?’ followed by a range of trust activities with humor and light-heartedness.


These three photos reflect the joy of these activities.


One of the highlights of the evening was ‘Story Time’ and ‘Quiet Reflection’ in the school’s outdoor amphitheatre followed by a group photo.

These three photos first show Mr Dimitris leading the group into the amphitheatre where stories were shared, the group photo was taken and the evening sun brought the evening to a close. These pictures truly express more than what 2000 words can say.

Unique Location 3 – Xenopoulouli Children’s Library, Zakynthos

According to the local press report:

‘An important meeting – workshop on ‘Values of Life in Education’ was organized by the Association of Friends of the Children’s Library of Xenopoulouli at its premises. Through this event, friends, teachers and participants of the International Conference held in Zakynthos in July 2014, reunited to include the current President of the Association for Living Values Education International, Mr Christopher Drake, who came from Hong Kong, Vice President, Areti Foufopoulou, and former President and lover of the Greek spirit, Peter Williams.

After a presentation by members of the Association of Friends of the Xenopoulouli Children’s Library of Values, which this year emerged through books and corresponding actions, it became an experiential workshop for adults on the subject of the universality of love’.

Group photo taken in the library.


These show the ‘Universality of Love’ activity in action.

This illustrates the result of the activity. Six different shapes were given to pairs of participants to represent a house, a mirror, a tree, a rectangular piece of paper to draw a body, the island shape and a turtle (to represent the protected species on the island). The participants were invited to illustrate or write what that illustration meant to them. Once completed, the images and words were shared then glued onto a large sheet of paper. Once all illustrations and words were complete – it was discovered that we all see love in different ways and we are all connected. The Moral: Love is Universal.

The workshop ended with the signing of Peter’s ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times’ books, translated from English into Greek by Aggeliki Palatzidi.

What is totally unique about the library is that it is run entirely by volunteers, most of whom are mothers. Their dedication and practical example for others to follow, has brought many to their doors – especially children – to learn more about values, Greek myths, legends and how to live a life of values.

Living Values Education would like to extend our appreciation to them all, their key person, Ms Anda Katsaitou, and everyone who gives tirelessly from their heart with love.


Special thanks, too, to Areti Foufopoulou, Aggeliki Palatzidi and Yannis Filtis who organized all the logistics of the Lehonia and Volos programs – and Anda Katsaitou who organized the Zakynthos event – with their ever professionalism, kindness and altruistic joy.

Peter Williams

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Kuwait: Bringing LVE’s Theoretical Model to Life
in a Practical Way

Peter Williams, the former president of ALIVE and the Head Teacher of the Kuwait American School, shared a wonderful experience: “Today was the first day of the new academic year at the K-12 Living Values-Based Kuwait American School for all 70 staff. We began by sharing Living Values Education’s theoretical model in a living way by way of the World Cake activity from “Living Values Activities for Children Ages 8-14”.

Members of the KG staff began to make the cake by stepped forth to represent a huge circular baking tin that could turn at varying speeds to mix the ingredients. Putting the ingredients into the cake began by them inviting 2 colleagues to bring a value ingredient of their choice into the cake to be baked. They, in turn, invited 2 more colleagues who in turn invited 2 more colleagues. So there was 8, then 16, then all. Imagine the staff speaking their value as they entered the cake mix — and then bouncing up and down or waving their arms as they cooked their values — amazingly all different values with the tin spinning!

Then the bad guy came — me — to take out one ingredient — the appreciation ingredient. You can imagine how the caring staff shouted 'no' and clung on to the educator who brought appreciation to the cake.

Living Values is for all in our KAS cake — students, parents and faculty. We cooperate and learn together in an atmosphere of LVRUS — Love, Values, Respect, Understanding and Safety where there is no place for put downs.

What did we learn?

The educators come from 33 different countries/ cultures, each with their own gifts, learning and teaching approaches … and own set of personal and shared values. We were amazed to discover that there were so many different values that we all understood. The same will, of course, apply to our students.

The Life Skills Approach that Matters

We all have values and beautiful qualities inside of us — yet do we take time to understand what really matters to each and every child to discover their innate gifts, approaches to learning and individual set of personal and shared values? That's why the school educates for values, resilience and life skills. Looking at the world today, there are many youngsters waiting to be listened to and some who are bullied or stigmatized for having values-based issues — sometimes defined as personal or mental or well-being issues.

Perhaps a growing awareness of a 4 step practical living values-based approach will help to add voices to what really matters to us all:

a. What are your values?

b. What are your shared study place/workplace values? Are they understood and in alignment with your own?

c. How can we come together so that our shared values blend to help students and one another?

d. How can we genuinely add to what matters for us all?

The next step will be to share the same with our students as they learn to navigate their lives with hope, resilience, identity and a belief in what really matters.”

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Netherlands: Living Values Expands Naturally
in Several Directions

“The last time we contributed to the newsletter,” wrote Marlies Ludding van Loon, the President of Foundation Living Values Education Nederland, “we reported on the Children’s Integration Project ‘ToGether’. This project was organised by the foundation OneMelodie, Living Values Education Nederland and The Free Space school in the Hague, the first school in the Netherlands to implement Living Values Education. The project was life changing for the participating children.

Since then, The Free Space school received a financial grant for a ‘Parents Participation in Education Project’. During this Living Values-based project, teachers and parents have been learning about and practising how to bring values at school and at home into alignment.

Part of this project currently is a seminar organised by the school: ‘The power of peace in education’. This will take place on the 21st of September, UN Peace Day. During the seminar our Book of Peace will be presented. This is a compilation of drawings and interviews with pupils, teachers and parents of the school about peace. The children shared beautifully about their naturally felt responsibility to start with peace themselves, and what helps them to achieve inner peace. Their sharing is so creative and wise.

A wonderful circle of people with different competences and from different regions of Holland are now regularly coming together to reflect, exchange ideas and experiences about LVE, and to develop more values awareness. This has resulted in a variety of experiences and projects.


    Jael, a nature pedagogue, has chosen nature as the focus for children to experience their natural inner values. More and more children are suffering from stress-related problems. They often get distracted from who they are deep inside by the noisy outside world. Jael takes children into nature for walks, excursions, art workshops, children’s parties, etc. He creatively uses values activities to help the children refocus and become aware of their authenticity, inner peace and balance while developin self-love and self-respect. Meanwhile, fun is guaranteed.
    Patricia, a mother of four and an experienced kindergarten caretaker, who has been involved with LVE for several years has decided to start her own Living Values creche. She is writing her business plan right now. We keep you posted!
    Merel is a motivated young woman whose heart is with ‘stay-at-home’ young adolescents with normal cognitive abilities who are not involved in regular education. They prefer to stay at home. De Lans School, a Rudolf Steiner secondary school, offers these youngsters an opportunity to become motivated to learn again. This school for children with special needs has organised a program for a group of students with a wide range of disorders: behavioral problems, computer addictions, ADHD, autism and other pobias and traumas. In her class, Merel and a colleague work with 18 adolescents from 13 to 17 years old. They are combining education with intensive psycho-social guidance in order to get these children back to school. Since the beginning of this year, Merel has gradually introduced Living Values Education activities to her group. After some months her students started to discover how effectively values can work for them. After an LVE introduction to parents, their parents are also participating and supporting the LVE approach.
    A few months ago, Martina, a grandmother, began a small initiative at her home/garden called ‘Summertable’. Through this initiative she offers young parents and parents-to-be a relaxed opportunity to explore values at home and in education. Young families are invited to her table to meet informally and exchange educational experiences.

    Martina and friends are also organizing LVE events at the local library and a nearby park where all kinds of happy and enriching living values activities are organised for young families with children.
    Anna is an experienced Rudolf Steiner educator and has a private practice for young children with development disorders. Some time ago she became involved in Living Values Education and began to give LVE workshops at schools. She was also asked to guide a group of midwives who started a center for natural birth, the ‘Birth House’. In this center midwives promote natural birth. They wish to connect natural birth to natural living values, not only helping mothers during pregnancy and delivery but also providing LVE workshops to these future parents.
    Marjo is one of the five founders of OneMelodie foundation, an organisation for ‘Social Education for all Cultures’. Now called Initiative OneMelodie, this autumn they will start a new project called ‘The Dutch language and Values’. Marjo has organised many workshops for children of immigrants and refugees, and is also the person who took the initiative to create the Children Integration Project a few years ago. She is a much appreciated member of our Living Values Education circle. Margo commented that she has been committed to values education since the moment she met Diane Tillman in Lebanon many years ago. Diane was in Lebanon to do an LVE workshop with 35 Palestinian refugees who were kindergarten teachers. Together, they all experienced the depth and beauty of LVE.”
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USA: Summertime LVE Workshops
and a Children’s “Camp”

This summer brought sunny skies and LVE workshops to New York and California. The mid-July LVE Weekend Retreat at Peace Village, in Haines Falls, New York, was attended by 37 very engaged and enthusiastic people. Half of the participants came in their professional capacity as educators and the other half as parents. The participants voiced wanting another LVE training mid-year and a longer training. Parents wanted parenting classes and values classes for their children. Many thanks to Ed Wondolowski, Natasha Panzer and Stephanie Kerr for their outstanding job facilitating the retreat in Haines Falls.

On August 24 and 25, Natasha Panzer facilitated a six-hour workshop for the staff of two nursery schools/extended day care centers in New York. The director and staff enjoyed the workshop immensely, and the children are already enjoying making and being peace stars.

Annie Jorgensen and Kyoko Kimura did a wonderful job facilitating a mid-September one-day LVE Workshop at the Anubhuti Retreat Center in Novato, California, and also put on a one-day LVE “camp” for children in San Francisco. The “camp” has been a special project of Kyoko’s for seven years. While six- to eight-year olds and their parents abound, this year also brought a tween and a teen who have been coming for years. They enjoyed the sponge story, sang a peace song while sprinkling love and peace on others, sat outdoors for a quietly being exercise, and made virtue bracelets with different colors for the virtues of their choice. Yummy food, sharing and games at the park closed the day.

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