Living Values Education Rainbow Booklet Library

Reaching and Supporting the Wider Community

Adding a new dimension to Values Awareness is the Living Values Rainbow Library providing activities and aids for everyone - School Teachers, Care Givers, Parents, Facilitators, Individuals, Special Interest Areas; Living Values for Self And Community Development.


Created specifically for those desiring to share Living Values activities and who do not have access to our formal values print resources or access to Living Values Associates and Trainers.

These simple booklets, most with between 48 – 56 pages, can be photocopied for classroom or home use in "booklet" A5 form – i.e. regular A4 folded (to half size) and stapled. "Living Values Home Study" and accompanying "Personal Journal" booklets are more than 80-100 pages and required to be copied as A4 (full page) on both sides.

Each booklet is created with activities for the age or community group and/or the values information that it features.

This series will be continually expanded to meet needs.

Values Activity Series

Free Downloads  For Parents, Principals and Teachers Everywhere:

The Living Values School Experience

Free Downloads  Values Activities for Children Ages 8-14
      Materials and activities in these booklets are adapted from Living Values Education Activities for Children Age 8-14


Living Values Education Activities for Children Ages 8-14

Free Downloads   Values Activities for Young Adults
       Material and activities in this booklet are adapted from Living Values Education Activities for Young Adults

Living Values Education Activities for Young Adults


Self-Help Series

Rainbow Booklets for offline use -  Free Downloads  Free Downloads

Rainbow Booklets - Self-Help Series


Free Downloads  For Adults, Families and Groups:

Free Downloads  For Becoming a Living Values Education Facilitator

  • Living Values Education Facilitator Training Guide - This 20 page guide delivers all the techniques and skills required to feel confident to facilitate Living Values Education activities and workshops using these materials with community groups, schools, families etc. The guide provides professional advice, recommendations as to how to be a successful facilitator, something quite different from a teacher, in that a facilitator draws out while a teacher puts in.
  • Living Values Improving Facilitation Skills- Become an effective facilitator, learn new skills, discover how to faciltate a group. One of the greatest gifts you can give to others is to assist them in the awakening to their own potential.

Free Downloads  For Personal Self Reflection - 12 Week Programme

  • 12 Week Self-Reflection - A booklet for developing your personal values. Discover deeper insights leading to new positive attitudes and behaviour patterns.  A standalone interactive, online or offline values programme.

Free Downloads  Living Values in Business For Associates, Focal Points and Facilitators

  • The purpose to this 52 page book is to bring to the attention of LVE facilitators the opportunity of assisting business of all types and size to the importance of values in business, to provide support information and how the material can be used.

If you would like to have a booklet with activities relevant to a specific value or, for a particular age group, special interest group, or for community use, please contact us: Click here to email