A Values Based Atmosphere

Living Values Education has a particular unique aspect not found in many other modalities.  It is the concept that for anything to be effective an emotional component must come first before understanding connecting with the mind can be engaged. 

This is what LVE define as “A Values Based Atmosphere”. (VBA)

That it is only from this environment can any long lasting change be effective.  It could be considered as the place from which Cause can be addressed, not just a mind dealing with Effect.

To build a solid definition of what is a “VBA” we have ask ourselves some very deep questions;

¨     Where is it found?

¨     How does it work?

¨     What is it for?

¨     How we connect to it?

¨     How do I engage it?

¨    How can it change my life?

¨     Can it be extended?

Looking towards 2020 ALIVE is seeking to rekindle the LVE dream, recreate the LVE magic that attracts and engages people with a desire to be of loving service to others.  It is from the deeper understanding of the truth that lies within “VBA” that this must occur.

Our purpose is to bring us understanding, emotional and material experiences of the  elusive “VBA” dynamic that we might better engage that within ourselves and when sufficiently developed, to be felt by others when they meet with us.  Is this the attraction dynamic between people?  One where minds open and the heart is nurtured?

Living Values Education is not about just holding a meeting telling people about Values, it is not about workshops of engaging activities, it is certainly not about giving values awareness to ‘those people over there”.  It must be about first finding it within ourselves and though that becoming the living example that holds the dynamic to attract to us those who would from the same place, like to share in this Living Values as a ‘Way of Life’.

Is it for each of us individually, to actually become the “Values Based Atmosphere” we are seeking to create?