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Representative to ALIVE: Tea Lobjanidze
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Tea’s Values Stories for Young Children

Tea Lobjanidze, the Focal Point for LVE in Georgia, has been writing values stories for young children in Georgian. Her tales are popular among Georgian teachers and a good instrument for discussing and sharing ideas and emotions. Below you will find links to the story Who can I play with? in Georgian and English. These will be up on the LVE site’s new Story Page soon. Feel free to write Tea with your comments!

English | Georgian

Teachers and Children Are Happy Doing LVE – Love, Care and Respect Grow

Eighteen teachers from different schools and kindergartens of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, united under the idea of how to help children be more open, express love and warmth, show respect each other and stay peaceful inside. We formed a club called “Teachers for values education” and have met from April every Thursday evening to do workshops at the Education and Management Team office. Participants have the opportunity to take part in LVE activities, games and songs, and discuss how they are implementing LVE in their own classes and involving children in LVE activities.

Teachers say that LVE Workshops help them be themselves in the classroom and help them and their children be happy. They are pleased to know how to work with kids on values and how to use text, stories, role playing, songs and discussions to focus on values.

One teacher said: “My students (5 to 6 years of age) were happy. We drew a big heart on the board  as a symbol of love and they named the kind of hearts they know and shared why they have their hearts full with love. They made a “book of love” with pictures, drawings, words, stickers and organized a nice presentation. The children prepared postcards for their parents expressing their love and care and took them at home as a surprise for mommy and daddy.” She shared pictures she took during the LVE activities. “You can easily see how happy and motivated the children are and how they express love, care and respect to each other.”

Tea Lobjanidze

2005 December 2005

Palve at Training in Georgia

Living Values Education came to Georgia when Pavle Tvaliashvili attended the LVEP Train-the-Trainer seminar in Oxford, England during the summer of 2004. He and several other educators have enthusiastically embraced the program and begun translation of the materials.

On 22 January, 2005, an LVEP Informational Seminar was held for Georgian teachers and school principals. This first LVEP workshop took place in Zugdidi. Twenty-five Zugdidi school directors and educators took part. Mr. Tvaliashvili acquainted them with the program overview, content, goals and principles. The seminar participants talked about the 12 values presented in LVEP and decided that six of the values could be connected with the developing ?Open Schools? model in Georgia. The chosen values are: Responsibility, Freedom, Humility, Cooperation, Honesty and Unity. All 12 of the values will support the education system in Georgia. They agreed to pilot LVEP?s classroom activities. The issue of values is of concern in this city as it is situated near the Abkhazeti conflict zone. There are many internally displaced students in the schools; educators from Zugdidi are especially interested in Living Values Education Program?s materials for refugees. Workshop participants will implement LVEP in the classroom to explore the effects of the program and find out what works practically in Georgian schools. They will participate in trainings to serve as LVEP teachers in the future.