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WEBINAR - Transformation through Values-based Education

JUNE LVE WEBINAR: 'From Bud to Flower - Transformation through Values-based Education' with Speaker Bridget Knight. 

Wednesday 9th June 2021
6pm - 7pm BST
, 5pm - 6pm GMT (UK timezone)
Zoom Details:
Meeting ID: 922 2863 5131
Password: serenity

Bridget has been inspired by values, weaving a golden thread throughout her career in education. Her background and experience include headship in Oxfordshire, national advisory and improvement work in a range of sectors, and curriculum development. She is currently the teaching head of a primary school in Herefordshire and CEO of Values-based Education.

Bridget is developing a values-based curriculum and reflection tools, and working on values in harmony for a more environmentally-focused education agenda. Bridget is working with The Harmony Project and schools in Herefordshire as part of the Harmony in Herefordshire initiative, which aims to expand the number of schools delivering the Harmony approach to education across the county.

Organised by Living Values Education - British Isles. We welcome folk from other parts of the world to join our webinars. For more details contact  [email protected]