ALIVE Board of Directors 2024

Chris Drake

Chris Drake - President ALIVE

Chris was the founding President of the Association for Living Values Education International in 2004 and having completed six years on the ALIVE Board returned as President in 2016. His involvement with the Living Values Education Approach dates back to its beginnings and has brought him to numerous events and activities both on behalf of Chris Drake, President ALIVE and the Association for Living Values Education in Hong Kong of which he has been the Chairman for many years. 


After graduating from the University of Oxford he worked in London in a large law firm before moving overseas, spending a few years in each of Switzerland and New York and over thirty years in Asia, actively involved in a number of charities and non-profit organisations.

Chris co-founded The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education (of which he was also Chairman), The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust, The International Values-based Education Trust and TCK Learning Centre for Migrant Workers. 

Based in Hong Kong, he is the Chairman of the University of Oxford's China Advisory Group and continues to work as a lawyer while also serving on the boards of a number of charities including the Kwok Scholars Association, the Walter and Wendy Kwok Family Foundation and the Hong Kong International Institute for Education Leadership. He is also a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Teacher Education and Sustainability and a long-standing Mentor at The University of Hong Kong.


Raj (Roger) Miles

Roger Miles - Deputy President,

Roger came to Living Values Education from an entrepreneurial world in publishing, travel, sailing, and boating. His offer to work for 'Spirit in the field of communications' resulted in 12 years as publisher of Way of the Heart Journal, managing and accompanying large international groups on tours worldwide as tour and event guide, workshop facilitator, and event manager.

 Through this service emerged the personal journey of self-discovery and awakening to what can be called "a way of life" through the living of Values. Recognizing that we cannot be involved with something that we had not developed in ourselves, he and his wife, Suzanne, undertook LVE training in Australia, became the LVE country Focal Point and qualified trainers of facilitators: "It feels like a natural extension of our lifetime of skills and desires to serve."

 In 2016, Roger was invited to join the ALIVE - Association for Living Values Education International board of directors, assisting in the restructuring and renewing of the organisation for Living Values Education members worldwide.  For the past eight years, Roger has served on the ALIVE international Board with the focus of building the LVE Online programmes and continues with the opportunity to be part of the expansion His passion is helping others experience what he found, which now can be extended to every corner of the globe limited only by the depth of the imagination.


Frances Burkhalter

Frances Burkhalter - Treasurer for ALIVE

Frances first came into Living Values Education as a secondary school teacher in a small Swiss town in 2002, where she was teaching English as a second or third language to often unmotivated teenagers. She took the Train-the-Trainer course in 2003 in Oxford, England. The Living Values Education approach brought welcome refreshment and innovation to her classes.


Frances went on to serve as secretary to the Swiss Association for Living Values Education and then as president for ten years. She became a teacher trainer, inspiring her colleagues and new teachers to use LVE with their own pupils at primary and secondary levels.


She also participated in training programmes in Cameroon and Mauritius and created workshops for young people and parents in Switzerland with the aim of rediscovering and implementing their innate values. Frances has now retired into grand-parenting and is joyfully practising Living Values Education with her two toddler grandchildren.



Diane G. Tillman

Diane G. Tillman - LVE Associate USA

Diane is the primary author of the Living Values Education Series of books, ten LVE resources books for young people at risk, and a parenting guide. A Licensed Educational Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist, she worked in a California public school system for 23 years as a School Psychologist.

With LVE since its inception in August of 1996, she has travelled to 30 countries in all regions of the world to conduct LVE seminars and workshops at conferences, schools, universities, retreat centres and refugee camps, for educators, parents, ministries of education, UNESCO and street-children agencies.

Diane is responsible for Living Values Education USA and continues to build new Values based material and update the Resource section of the organisation.



Helen Sayers

Helen Sayers - Regional Coordinator LVE Africa

Brought up on the Island of Jersey, UK, Helen started her career in education as a secondary school teacher. She taught science, tennis and music in Canada, Jersey, Kenya, Swaziland and the UK. 

Helen became part of the Living Values Education movement in its early days, was trained in its approach and methodology, and has been part of the ALIVE team ever since. LVE projects have taken her to Egypt, Europe, India, Indonesia, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. She is currently deputy chairperson of the LVE association in the UK. As founder and former president of the Swiss Association for Living Values, she helped to support initiatives in West and Central Africa for teachers and for street children, and is currently ALIVE regional support for Africa.

Inspired by LVE and based on her experience of the African continent, Helen developed a training programme using the ancient concept of Ubuntu as a framework to explore universal values with a focus on social cohesion. She authored a training manual 'UBUNTU! The Spirit of Humanity', translated into Arabic, French, Konkani (Goa) and Spanish, downloadable from this website.


Indu Gupta

Indu Gupta - LVE Representative for India/ALIVE Distance Programmes

Indu worked with Meo-Muslim community of the Mewat area of Rajasthan on Community health (with special focus on women's health for a decade) before getting exposure to Living Values Education training in 2013-14. She also got an opportunity to work with rural traditional sex workers of Rajasthan. Her experience of working with the marginalized community deepened her understanding of various social, economic, cultural and gender issues at the grassroots. 

In 2015, Indu created a workshop for an NGO working with street children. Having deep interest and passion to address the people's emotional issues, she assumed the role of LVE representative for India.

More recently, Indu has bought many LVE aspirants from different parts of the country to do ALIVE's Distance Learning Course. She organised a professional development workshop mainly for teachers in Goa and helped to build a team of 20 LVE facilitators especially from West and South India. 

In 2022 she was invited to join the ALIVE board of directors.




My life and career goal made me to found a national non-profit organization call Center for Children's Happiness (GTE) Ltd in 2006, connected to contribute towards Living values. Throughout my career, I realized the importance of living values and I am motivated to engage with the initiatives of living values to contribute for the wellbeing, protection and development of Children.

As a dedicated Social work professional having over 20 years' experience in the non-profit sector as a civil society organization leader, Project Manager of International and National NGOs, Coordinator of a funding agency, grass-root level social worker, researcher, and trainer with the required experience enable me to contribute in a management of a non-profit organization. I am currently leading a national level Non-profit organization with over 40 staff under multiple projects funded by international donor agencies. My past project cycle management experience in over 80 projects in national and International non-profit organizations gives confidence to contribute for ALIVE's management. I have been engaging with ALIVE for last 5 years as country focal point and developed the first Country associate for Sri Lanka in 2022. 

My academic engagements (Master in Social work, Master in Development and Regional planning, Master Project Management, Diploma in Journalism, Diploma in Counselling, Certificate in NGO Management) provide knowledge-based contribution for the promotion of living values through training and academic activities.

I wish to contribute for strategic development, expanding partnership and networking, conceptual and project development and fundraising for promotion of Living values. With the experience of non-profit organizational management, I can contribute for the organizational development Mayuran joins the ALIVE board in 2023.


Nguyen Thi Bich Ha


A volunteer of Living Values Education Program (LVEP) in Vietnam Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ha became a trainer of TOF in Vietnam from 2012. Since then she has done many TOF trainings for schools from kindergartens to universities, as well as LVE workshops for hospitals, governmental and business organizations, communities, and public. At present she is the lead trainer and head of Living Values Psychological & Educational Scientific Chapter of HCMC, an ALIVE s Associate in Vietnam.

Ms. Ha participated as ALIVE Board member during 2013 - 2019. A Fulbright alumni and MBA graduate from Vanderbilt University, USA, Ms. Ha's previous positions include Board member and/or at executive level of leading businesses in HCMC such as PNJ, Dong A Bank, Phu Yen United Imp-Exp Corporation HCMC Branch as well as of prominent business associations such as the Young Business people Association (YBA), HCMC Association for Women Executives and Entrepreneurs (HAWEE). She is also a Health Coach graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, USA.

Ms. Ha returned to the ALIVE Board in 2023 with the aspiration to bring living values education into the practical life of children and adults of different groups, both in Vietnam and the world.





Belen first came into Living Values Education as a secondary school teacher in a small Venezuelan town in 2004, where she was teaching Contemporary History and English as a second language at a catholic school.

She was trained by the LVE Associate in Argentina that went to Venezuela to do a TTE. Belen then embarked in cooperative task of translating some of the material into Spanish so she could then train others to use LVE Approach in her country.

In 2005 Belen became the Focal Point for ALIVE in Venezuela, continued working, training other teachers, and training university students through a cooperative program with Universidad Central de Venezuela called 'Children in a World of Peace', so that undergraduate students from different careers could choose to be trained in that program to go an teach values to children in marginal areas around Caracas, Venezuelan Capital, and translating LVE material until she moved to the United States in 2017.

As of 2017 Belen became a Board Member of Living Values Education Inc, the ALIVE Associate in USA. In 2023 Belen became a new arrival on the international Board - ALIVE assuming responsibility for the website activity, and due to her Spanish language background Belen is representing the LVE Americas - South America and Caribbean countries.

Belen is currently living and working as a Career Advisor in Eugene Oregon.