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Diane Tillman talks about the relationship between human dignity and values.


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Nurturing with Love and Wisdom, Disciplining with Peace and Respect: A mindful guide to parenting
by Diane Tillman

A Book for Parents

A Mindful Guide to ParentingThe qualities of love, peace, respect and wisdom are embedded in this book, in guidelines on encouragement, listening, peace time, Us Time, building positive behavior, developing responsibility and discipline while dealing with practical realities such as homework and how to get the kids to handle squabbles respectfully and independently. Suggestions and activities are shared to help parents help children, from toddlers to teens, use values to handle their challenges as well as to deal with bullying and prevent drug use and sexual abuse. This book is unusual not only for the variety of important topics addressed, but for its mindful approach in building healthy emotional and social skills while strengthening loving family relationships. An enjoyable read that parents will return to as a resource again and again, Diane brings guiding principles to life with stories about children, parents and educators.

Watch three educators, Kurt Krueger, Lorien Eck and Tanya Dennis, react to the book in this video

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UBUNTU!  Re-ignite the spirit of humanity!
by Helen Sayers

Ubuntu! The Spirit of HumanityRediscover the art of living together in harmony. A resource book and workshop manual for teachers and facilitators working with children, young adults, parents and organisations. Developed in collaboration with an international team of trainers including LVE facilitators.

 -  Colourful, clear and easy to use, the book contains a wide variety of reflective, creative & interactive activities. Many are based on the Living Values Education approach.

 -  Facilitators are encouraged to be creative, adapt the activities, design their own workshops

 -  Ubuntu, an ancient African code of ethics, is used as a framework for exploring the universal values that are essential for living together in harmony and for building bridges across cultures and nations.

 -  Quotations are given from well-known personalities of different backgrounds who stress the need for Ubuntu values in areas such as conflict resolution, reconciliation, community cohesion & education.

 -  References to inspiring role models and humanitarian organisations worldwide that demonstrate Ubuntu values, provide examples for reflection.

Nine workshop modules explore themes such as personal and social values, community cohesion, interconnectedness between people and with the environment, conflict prevention and resolution, and implementing Ubuntu values in today's world.

The aim of this resource book and facilitators' guide is to enable the reader / workshop participants to experience the beauty of Ubuntu, find parallels in their own cultures and to re-ignite the spirit of humanity in their lives - to feel the joy of sharing, to develop the courage to forgive someone, to increase our compassion, to recognise that we are all part of one big human family.

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A Quiet Revolution 
by Frances Farrer

Encouraging positive values in our children
Honesty - Truthfulness - Respect - Happiness - Peace - Responsibility - Love

A Quiet RevolutionThese key concepts form part of a remarkable initiative lead by head teacher, Neil Hawkes, at West Kidlington Primary School, Oxford. Here a quiet revolution is in process: teaching children how to deal with complex situations from a position of strength and self-respect, and how to develop a stable inner world.

Publisher Rider - Mind, body, spirit / Publication date: 31/08/2000 - 177 pages 216x137mm - ISBN: 0712605770
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