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ALIVE is an association of organisations around the world and it currently has member organisations, called Associates, in about 30 countries. These organisations vary from small all-volunteer organisations formed by a few volunteers primarily just to implement Living Values Education to sizeable entities with full-time employees engaged in a range of activities of which Living Values Education is just one. In other countries, there is no Associate but an individual who has offered to serve as a local resource person for Living Values Education and may then be recognised by ALIVE as a 'Focal Point for Living Values Education' in that country. There are currently about 15 individuals serving as such Focal Points. Only the Associates are voting members of ALIVE. Please see the Country Contact List page for all the ALIVE Associates and the recognised Focal Points for Living Values Education.

The level and nature of Living Values Education activities carried out vary considerably from country to country. In some countries, Living Values Education is being used and yielding good results in schools or other educational settings, formal, informal or non-formal, while in other places activities are limited to holding professional development workshops, and elsewhere it may be the case that additional support or resources are required before activities take root. For details, please see the relevant report at Country Reports.

There are also a number of countries in which Living Values Education was being implemented in previous years but, for one reason or another, this is no longer the case. Reports of the Living Values Education activities in such countries may be seen at From the Archives.

If you would like to assist with Living Values Education in your country, please see Getting Involved.